Window Tinting

3M™ FX HP Series FX HP Automotive window films offer maximum heat rejection by protecting from the sun’s energy and ultraviolet rays.

The hybrid technology behind these films blocks more than 99% of UV light providing a sun protection factor of up to 1000. The FX HP Series rejects up to 55% of the total solar energy coming through your windows, giving a “cool effect”.

FX HP films are available in a variety of tint levels to meet your needs and taste, allowing 5% to 35% of the visible light into your vehicle.

All products of this family have German ABG approval.

⋅ Excellent performance and value
⋅ Reduces heat by the rejection of up to 55% solar energy
⋅ Blocking 99% of UV light – Sun protection factor of > 1000
⋅ Reduces glare

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why tint my windows?

Tinted windows serve multiple benefits both in terms of looks and performance. Tinted windows mean less light and UV rays inside your car, which will protect your family’s health, lower the car temperature, plus keep your interior in pristine condition longer. Window tinting is one of the cheapest ways to transform your car’s style, with massive practical benefits like reducing your aircon and fuel usage.

What's the difference between crystalline and ceramic window tinting?

Ceramic provides slightly higher total solar protection than crystalline tint – around 70% compared with 60%. Ceramic has slightly more aesthetic appeal because it’s usually charcoal / black compared to the blueish tinge of crystalline. Long story short, both are great options to keep your ride looking and driving great, and protecting the safety of your loved ones.

How much does window tinting cost?

The cost of tinting your windows varies depending on the shade of tint you’re after, the product (crystalline or ceramic), plus the general size and vehicle make/model. For a specific quote, give us a call or come on down to the workshop.


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Window Tinting Brisbane

In the harsh Australian sunshine, tinted car windows are non-negotiable. Darkening your windows stops UV rays penetrating your car, protecting your loved ones and saving your interior.

Not only do tinted windows look cool, they will actually keep you cool as well. A cooler car interior means less aircon usage – which means lower fuel bills overall. What this means, is that tinting your car windows actually saves you money over time.

At Gangsta Wraps, we provide car tinting services for every look and lifestyle. We offer different shades of UV protection from 5% to the very darkest legal 35% tint. ALL our car window servicing comes with a lifetime warranty for that ease of mind, and because window tinting is a half day turnaround, we can have you in, out, and back on the streets in no time.

Find Quality Window Tinting in Brisbane

Get a unique window tinting experience for your car at Gangsta Wraps.

You’ll love the way your car looks after you get high-quality window tinting. Keep the sun out and make a great impression as you pull up with tinted windows. Keep reading below to learn why Ferrari, Porsche Brisbane, and Norris Motors trust none other than Gangsta Wraps to wrap the classiest whips in top-notch vinyl and premium tinting. 

The Importance of Window Tinting in South Brisbane

Window tinting does a lot more than just look cool. Here are some of our favourite tinting features and benefits:

  • Keep your car cooler by blocking out hot sun rays. The higher the tint percentage, the more light you obscure. Such tinting can keep your car significantly cooler on the hottest summer days. Choose anywhere between 5% to the legal-darkest 35% UV-blocking tinting.
  • Save money while you extend the life of your A/C. The cooler your car stays while it’s running, the less your A/C needs to work to keep things cool. This efficiency saves you money on gas while it reduces the strain on your A/C system.
  • We know our team does excellent work, so we back all our tinted windows with a lifetime guarantee. Once we tint your car’s windows, you know that we’ve got your back

    Tips for Getting More Value out of Window Tinting in Brisbane Southside

    When you come down to get your windows tinted at Gangsta Wraps, there are a few additional ways you can get more for your money.

    • Pair your window tinting with new wheels and tyres. Our premium tyre packages feature names such as Asanti, KMC, Moto Metal, and Simmons. In many cases, we can match your window tinting with a complementary shade of metal wheels. Round off the package with high-quality tyres that look as good as they feel on the road.
    • Protect your paint job against the worst that the Australian climate has to throw at you. We use top industry brands to ensure that your paint always looks its best despite the dirt, rust, harsh conditions, and road debris you’re likely to encounter.
    • Level up your suspension with coil-over and airbag suspension options. Our packages feature the same technology used for official racing vehicles. Further, we rely on trusted brands such as Airbag Man, Airlift, R5 Racing Australia, and K-Sport.
    • Take advantage of our flexible financing options to get your upgraded whip now and pay later. We use Payright finance to help you get the coverage you need to make your window tinting and style upgrades a reality.

      Why You Should Use Gangsta Wraps

      When you work with Gangsta Wraps, you’re doing more than just looking good. You get high-quality craftsmanship that will last for years. Also, you’re helping the local community by supporting a business that gives back. We support charities such as Life Education, and I Can I Will, so you can better the world of tomorrow. Contact us to learn more or book an appointment.


      inted Car windows in Brisbane is a MUST, especially the last few summers we’ve had. Darkening your car windows helps to stop harmful U.V rays from entering your vehicle and damaging your interior or your loved ones. Not only does it look cool it keeps you cool inside your vehicle. This reduces A/C which reduces fuel costs. The whole process saves you money in the long run and ALL our car window servicing comes with a lifetime warranty for that ease of mind.

      • 5% Protection
      • 10% Protection
      • 15% Protection
      • 20% Protection
      • 25% Protection
      • 30% Protection
      • 35% Protection

      We offer different shades of UV protection from 5% to the very darkest legal 35% tint. Car window tinting is a 3-4 hour process so you can wait in our air-conditioned office or leave the vehicle with us for half a day and pick it up when you’re ready.

      Generally booking can made within 7 days but to fast track your window service, get in touch now. Protect yourself from UV in style today.

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