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Paint Protection Film

Paint Protection Film has come a long way over the last decade and Gangsta Wraps has the latest most cutting edge films available on the market. We use Hexis, Stek, GSWF and Suntek.

Each brand has its benefits depending on our client’s needs and we are not biased to any one film. We can completely colour change your vehicle with GSWF and the Stek range or we can give maximum longevity and protection with the clear Hexis films.

We can also make your OEM paint appear to be matte with the matte PPF films available. Paint Protection Film can be applied to your whole car or to high-impact areas only see pics for price guidelines.

Paint Protection Film will protect your car from stone chips, marring and swirling, droppings, vandalism, parking blocks, light collisions, and scuffs. This product will blow your mind with its self-healing memory you can watch the scratches disappear before your eyes with a hairdryer. Paint Protection Film is the best way to protect your paint.

FROM $7700

Full body protection including:
– Front Bumper & Bonnet
– Grille & Apillars
– Doors & Side Skirt
– Mirrors
– Rear bumper & Rear Wing

FROM $3300

Full front protection including:
– Front Bumper & Bonnet
– Grille
–  Side Skirt & Mirrors

FROM $3850

Track Pack protection including:
-Full body protection including:
– Front Bumper & Bonnet
– Grille & Apillars
– Doors & Side Skirt
– Mirrors & Roof Impact

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of PPF?

PPF not only prolongs your car’s paint job – it extends it to whole new levels. PPF protects from fumes and chemicals, miscellaneous road debris, harsh weather conditions, and general wear and tear. But better than that, it actually adds depth and texture to your car’s finish so you can drive around looking like a million bucks (without spending nearly that much).

How much does PPF cost?

PPF varies in cost depending on your car’s make and model, your current paint condition, your desired finish, plus other factors. For a detailed quote and a discussion of whether PPF is right for your car, swing by the workshop and talk to the team today.

What colour options are available?

PPF is designed to enhance your car’s paint job, and take it to new heights. We can apply PPF to cars of any colour, and even specialty finishes like chromes and mattes. Send us some pics, or stop by the workshop, to talk about the type of finish you could achieve.


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Find Paint Protection Film in Brisbane

You’ve just got a brand new paint job, and your car is looking amazing. We know that a protection film might not be the first thing on your mind – but it should be! 

A quality paint protection film will extend the life of your paint. One of the easiest ways to tell the difference between a good and a great paint job- is to check back in a few years and see how it looks. Our PPF lasts the distance, and means your paint will, too. 

There are even certain paint finishes which just can’t be achieved without quality paint protection. Blackest blacks, eye-catching chromes, and unique designs – that level of paint class comes from System X Ceramic Protection.

Another benefit of PPF is its ability to protect from irritants that we can’t even see. Australia is known for its harsh weather conditions, including incredibly high exposure to UV rays. Our specialised SunTek PPF Ultra protection keeps your car safe from weather events.

Gangsta Wraps has the expert team and the expert knowledge for a quality PPF job. You can trust us to only use premium materials and tested techniques – so you’ll know you, and your car, are in safe hands.

Keep your car brilliant with a quality paint protection film covering.

As someone serious about your car, you always know that it’s a must to look good. One of the biggest ways your car can look its best is with a high-quality paint job. However, you might have noticed that every coat of paint looks the same, and sometimes it doesn’t have the shine you expected. Keep reading to learn more about why that is and what sets our work apart from the rest.

The Importance of Paint Protection Film in Brisbane

You might not always think about protection film when you get a new paint job, but you should. These are several good reasons to get protection:

  • Extend the life of your paint. Do you know how you can tell the difference between a good paint job and a great one? Check back in a few years and see how it looks. With our paint protection film, you can keep that brand-new shine month after month. Each time you wash your car, you’ll be catching eyes.
  • The weather has a way of wearing down your paint, and the occasional hailstorm can wreak havoc on an otherwise gorgeous whip. Keep yourself, and your car safe from the worst weather than Australia has to offer with SunTek PPF Ultra protection.
  • Have you ever seen a car and wondered how they got the blacks so black? Or have you seen one shine so richly you could see the clouds reflected off the car? That level of paint class comes from System X Ceramic Protection. System X Diamond is renowned for its amazing ability to bring your paint job to a whole new level.

Problems That Paint Protection Film Addresses

There’s more to paint protection than looking brilliant. It’s also an excellent investment for your car in several ways.

  • Avoid extra visits by making your paint job last for years. If you drive your whip well, you can dodge random scrapes and keep your paint in perfect condition as the protection film lessens wear and tear to virtually nothing.
  • If you find yourself in racing situations, shows, or near any sort of construction or industrial site, ambient toxins or fumes can interact with your car’s paint. This exposure can corrupt the quality and potentially damage the metal underneath if you’re not careful. System X Renegade Ceramic Nano Coating will protect your car for more than a year against the worst that you’ll encounter.
  • You can couple exterior paint protection with interior protection when you use System X. Prevent spills and stains from getting into your fabric, carpet, leather, and vinyl. Even a gangsta spills something occasionally, but you don’t have to let your crew see it for months afterwards.

Paint protection is a major part of getting your whip to look its best, but it also gives you added protection and value by defending your car from actual damage and degradation.

How You’ll Benefit from Using Gangsta Wraps

Look to Gangsta Wraps for the best protection film for your paint job. You can rely on us to use only the finest materials to ensure your car always looks its best. Contact us to learn more about System X and SunTek protection for your car’s paint in Brisbane.

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