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When it comes to vehicle styling, most workshops focus on your car’s exterior: wheels, rims, body, lights, accessories – there are countless different ways to turn heads.

But aside from seat reupholstery or maybe a pair of fluffy dice, not many people dedicate energy to transforming their vehicle’s interior, and that’s where Gangsta Wraps is different.

We want to transform your ride inside and out, and we settle for nothing less than crazy creativity and premium products.

Our unique Galaxy Ceiling service turns the internal ceiling of your ride into an eye-catching design feature, utilising fibre optic cables to recreate a starry night look which will wow your passengers and add some serious flair.

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No matter what your vision may be, our team has the experience and creativity to bring it to life. See below some examples of our recent work.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Why install a galaxy ceiling?

First things first, galaxy ceilings look insanely cool. Once a design feature exclusive to luxury cars, Galaxy Ceilings can now be installed on many vehicle types to give your ride that touch of premium. There’s also the fact that a galaxy ceiling will differentiate your vehicle if you’re looking to sell, and there are even some safety benefits to having better car lighting at night.

How much does a Galaxy Ceiling cost?

Galaxy ceilings are surprisingly affordable, especially when you consider what an instant impact they have to the look and feel of your vehicle. Every car is different, and costs will depend on multiple factors including the style, size and complexity of your project – so for a full quote, drop by the Gangsta Workshop and we can discuss.

What colours and styles are available?

Galaxy ceilings all start from the same principal, installing fibre optic cabling and LED bulbs to create a galaxy effect. But as for how many, how bright, and the overall look and design of your ride – the options are endless! Talk to us about your vision, or let us show you what we can do.


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