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There’s nothing worse than driving your ride home from a new paint job, only to find an issue with the surface of the paint. While great paint can have your car looking like a million bucks, a sub-standard job can result in water spots, paint over spray, wash scratches, wipe down marks, surface stains, oxidation and buffer holograms.

And it’s not just new paint that might need attention. Older paint jobs, when incorrectly applied, can start to flake or chip over time – not to mention if you’ve had a run-in or sustained a couple of surface scratches.

The quicker (and cheaper!) option than a total re-spray is to invest in a paint correction package. At Gangsta Wraps, we’re the go-to workshop for paint correction: our expert technicians can level imperfections in the surface of your paint in no time at all.

To suss out whether paint correction is the right treatment for your imperfections, drive by the workshop today for a full consultation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of paint correction?

Investing in quality paint correction means restoring your car’s shine and taking it back to that freshly painted look. If you’ve just had it painted, with sub-par results, paint correction can quickly undo the shoddy handiwork. Paint correction is a cheaper option than a total re-paint, and will get you back on the road more quickly.

How much does paint correction cost?

Paint correction is an affordable option, especially when compared with a total car re-paint! The cost of a paint correction varies depending on your car’s make and model, your current paint condition, your desired finish, plus other factors. For a more specific quote on the full cost, speak to one of our team today.

Is it limited in terms of colour or finish?

Pretty much any type, colour and shade of paint can be corrected, although some finishes obviously require more time and attention. Our expert team has been correcting paint jobs for 10 years, so if anyone has the skills to get your car back to brand new, it’s us.


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